Backhaul point to point links

Backhaul point is the intermediate link between core network and the sub networks of an complete hierarchical network. In contracts related to such networks, the packets carried to and from that network are through backhaul. In general business term, backhaul is the Quality of service (QOS) guarantee to any retailer from the wholesale bandwidth provider. […]


Advantages of the Ubiquiti Airfibre5

Once again Ubiquiti has tossed itself in the world of cutting edge technology with their latest Airfibre5 revolutionary backhaul point to pint radio system. Before you even get to the performance which is the most interesting part, the exterior design of the hardware comes in a compact and quite portable casing. It also has an […]


SAF Teknica and its operations

SAF TeKnica is come into existence in the year of 1999 in Riga, Latvia. This Europe based company doing wonders in people lives today with the high end of wireless transmission devices and options. It has joined hands with public and private sectors in offering good services in mobile, fixed and other communications. SAF Teknica […]